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2nd Sept '12 Live interview with Pesn Allan Sterling on the SmartScarecrow Show

corded YouTube version of the show:



Live Interview on Sunday 2 sept 2012, 6 pm GMT

I phoned Mr. Keshe to get permission to post this transcript, and ended up talking to him for quite a while. I'll be doing a separate report about that, hopefully later today.

Meanwhile, let me announce now that I will be conducting a live interview with him on Sunday at 8 pm Belgium time (GMT +2), which will be noon, mountain time (GMT -6). I will be conducting this interview via Gary Hendershot's venue, where you will be able to get a live video feed, and post questions and comments. Mr. Keshe welcomes a Q&A. Gary will post the interview to hisSmartScarecrow YouTube channel afterward.

You can watch the show here at 6PM GMT

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More info:

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