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Naturopathica Certificate of acceptance

The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce that the 'Keshe plasma therapy' has been accepted as a new form of 'bio-energetic therapy' by the board of governors of Naturopathica as of 26/11/11.


Certificate of acceptance of 'Keshe Plasma Therapy'

To whom it may concern,

Naturopathica (registered number = 0.820.205.967) is a Belgian legal recognized association for naturopaths.

Naturopathica negotiated a collective professional liability insurance with 'Mercator Verzekeringen NV', through intervention of insurance broker 'Hermes Verzekeringen NV', Uitbreidingsstraat 184, 2600 Antwerpen. The price for this insurance is included in the membership fee.

During October and November 2011, the 'Keshe Plasma Therapy' has been the subject of formal evaluation by the 'commission Naturopathy' of Naturopathica for possible inclusion in this insurance.

The 'Keshe Plasma Therapy' is based on original inventions of M.T. Keshe, for which he has filed and owns several international patents pending. The therapy consists of the regular intake of water and/or the inhalation of air, and environmental plasmas, which have been exposed to plasma magnetic fields information. The definition of 'plasma' stands for the 'origin' of each element different magnetic fields strength, not for the fluid in the blood.

The therapy has been accepted in our 'therapy matrix' as a new form of 'bio-energetic therapy' by the board of governors of Naturopathica (on 26/11/11) for addition in our group insurance. On 10/01/2012 several new therapy forms – including the 'Keshe plasma therapy' - have been accepted into our group insurance by 'Mercator Verzekeringen NV'.

Members of Naturopathica are allowed to practice this therapy only after having received the necessary formal trainings by Mr. Keshe and/or his appointed education team.

Wim Van Aelst

president Naturopathica
Naturopathica secretariaat
Pastoor Dergentlaan 82
3200 Aarschot

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