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The interaction and accumulation of the plasmatic magnetic energies usually leads to the creation of energy, heat and/or of the motion of their atomic structure in the inner core of each atom (and molecule), and this leads eventually to the creation of all sorts of matter in the cosmos. This essential processing happens in a smooth way on the fundamental magnetic level, and not by brute forces as in conventional reactors, which need high temperatures and high pressure conditions.
By reproducing such plasmatic magnetic energy conditions in simple plasma reactors during repeated experiments and tests, working at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure, we have full evidence that this type of processing is very feasible and reliable. This method enables us to generate energy and matter in a completely new way so far unknown to today’s science.
Below you can see how we create voltage and current in a simple cola bottle reactor fitted with electrodes and containing a plasma of our special Kt liquid. It generates a measurable voltage and at the same time creates deposits of graphene (sp2) and diamond (sp3) on the electrodes! This shows that the content is being separated on the atomic level.


 In the closed cola bottle reactor we create a kind of micro-galaxy in which the PME's interact and change the properties of the SEPMAF's. Some of these interactions are traditionally called gravitational effects. Therefore we have valid indications that one of science’s longest outstanding mysteries, the origin of gravity, has finally been resolved.

We have now understood that the 'old' inner core of the Earth possesses some hydrogen and other elements which act as a semi-fusion plasma reactor, thus a geo-reactor. Inside, currents create a basic magnetic field which is superimposed on the already known magnetic field of the known cores. There are a number of other aspects in the concept of our solar system that can be reproduced in the design of new plasma reactors.


 The solar system shows a specific balancing system, where the Sun contains the largest

part of the hydrogen, and on the outside are gaseous planets. Between are metallic type of planets.

These newly understood phenomena can be utilized and replicated in manmade plasma reactors. Three international patents have been filed, covering more than 300 potential methods and further aspects of this new technology. There are also working prototypes which confirm the theoretical insights given on this website.


 Keshe plasma reactors have also a closed system with their own ecology, similar to Earth.

 Keshe reactors can be used in various fields, as super-efficient energy generators, anti-gravity systems in space and aircraft, in CO2 clean-up, for the creation of graphene for nanotechnology and the powering and cooling of micro-electronics. Cars, household appliances and electronics can also make use of these independent long-lasting energy sources, using smaller scale versions of this type of plasma reactor.


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