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Principle of magnetism

Question from the forum by Samal4:

Just today, I received news from Reuters that a man can attract metallic objects to his body! Click the link below to see the video report based on this matter, and I wonder what's the cause for this man to operate such phenomenon.

Answer from MT Keshe:

Since human bodies are not all made of the same and exact combination of matters, hence they produce different Magravs, even though we all look as having the same two legs, arms and internal organs, but in truth different bodies can create different fields that these can attract or reject any matter or fields of any strength from his environment and as one can create fields of different strength, this means that different bodies are receptive to different field strength and matters and all human bodies can attract or reject different matters and fields as others.

Therefore if some elements in the body create the opposite strength field as that metals or minerals possess, then the fields of the body interact with that object’s fields.

In tests in 2010 we have shown, and it has been video recorded that one can create even magnetic field strength of plastic in a normal room environment,

you can see the principle in this video:

Which, this means that one can generate fields that plastic like metal can move without ever touching the plastic and simply by creating its reverse polarity fields in another matter, as can bee seen one can attract or push the matter in this case plastic in one direction or other.

This video shows the simple version of even being able to attract or reject fields and matters from an environment, as we early last year offered the dynamic version of this technology to the Japans government for retracting the nuclear particles that were released into atmosphere during their earthquake by their nuclear reactors explosion.

Similarly and in reality one’s aura, is ones dynamic Magravs fields, and as every mans aura is different due to its blood combination and food consumption, then one has to measure the Magravs strength of the body and then one can understand what fields strength and matter the body allows for it to absorb or attract to itself or reject from itself from and to its environment.

In all my talks, I always emphasis that the food the man consumes of about 2000 Cal per day, this is only 20% of what man needs to live for his daily life, where in reality 80% of the total energy one needs daily is absorbed by the fields of the body from its environment.

This is one of the cornerstones of the world of evolution of the man and any other creation in the universe.

What one absorbs from its environment directly by large decides for example what the body is going to be, white skin, brown eyes, short and tall and so forth, as the shape and colour and size dictates what the body can absorbed from and reject into its environment and in interaction with its internal Magravs,. Then body decides for what these fields will be used for to sustain continues process of absorption of the same for the body to survive in the most efficient way in its environment.

Therefore it is possible for the body to attract iron, copper, plastic and fields according to the overall Magravs strength structure which the body maintains in its immediate environment.

Where, even aura itself is created through the interaction of the Magravs of the cells of the body and their interaction with the Magravs of its environment.

Hence ones aura on the Northern hemisphere is not the same as the ones aura in Southern hemisphere and ones aura in Europe will not be the same as in Australia.

Hence people who play with aura systems, need to consider the locationnal fields strength before they can use it to diagnose any outcome from their system.

Where, even aura of the body changes according to the food which one consumes, even this changes with time of the day, that is if aura is measured in the morning or evening.

Then even in the morning one can attract metal but in the afternoon the body will not do the same, this being the reasons why some people can perform certain acts only once or at certain times.

And the same goes with the people, who can run their hands over another body and they say they have the power to cure or heal, where in fact scientific explanation for this is that, their Magravs or what common people call their aura in interaction with aura of another body leads to creation of Magravs field interaction and exchange, that one fields ( the stronger) feeds the shortage of the other (the weaker ) at a given aura strength point of certain part of the body and hence by feeding and bringing balance to the less strength Magravs, the second body in reality eats from so called the healers Magravs as one eats food to recover from lack of energy.

This process is faster and without the need for digestion system and as we say in our space site, we will not carry food as man can be feed from his environment through his body surface a more balance and correct plasmatic fields than one can attain by eating.

Some people can create ball of light between their hands or their body or other bodies, in fact this is another form of interaction of Magravs fields of the same body or two bodies.

These balls of light between two hands occur, when the Magravs of one hand is weaker than the other and as the two different Magravs strength of two hands or bodies interact, the friction between two Magravs fields leads to creation fragments of Magravs fields in conjunction with Magravs strength of the environment that the body is positioned at, which this leads to creation of light in the environment between two hands, and then one observes light ball being held in front of their eyes between two palms of hands without any connections to any matter or light bulbs

Again this is the phenomena as one observes with the creation of day-light, as the Magravs of the Sun and the Earth interact on the facing side of the two objects and due to their friction this leads to creation of the day light, where on the back of the earth where there are no interaction between the Magravs of the Sun and the earth one experience the dark ness or the night time.

Where again the same is with what people call UFO light principle in the sky as has been recorded over past centuries by different cultures. This is what I call the principle of Magravs friction, which that is residual magnetic fields which are created by the interaction of two Magravs leads to creation of light at the human amino-acid Magravs strength, when our space reactors Magravs interact with its environment Magravs, this interaction of two dynamic Magravs strength leads to creation of bright light around the craft or what people see and call the UFO effect or what we call Bright Light In the Sky (BLIS). The light of these crafts in only visible in the stronger environment Magravs and in deep space there is not such visualisation to this extent.

Thus in the coming time we will see more of these light spheres in our environment as man’s intellectual maturity has reached the levels to use the universal method of motion as all galaxies, stars, planets and moons do for their motion and as one can create Magnetic field of the destination in a small reactor, then one gets attracted to its destination point without burning any fuel, and exactly on the same principle as one can attract metal to the body of the man.

M T Keshe 

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