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  政府致力于建造更宽敞的马路去容纳长时间在大城市之间来回的私家车与大卡车。大片土地上的植被被铲除,然后推平,最后被层层有毒的沥青覆盖。在繁重的交通使用下,这些项目耗费上亿元却仅仅只能维持10年,之后则需要大的修整来维持。我们喜欢这个国家“活在梦想里”的理念,并且直到最近,这个想法看上去都很不错。 keshe先生在不同的场合都说过,各大运输公司的高级别的管理人员都曾悄悄的拜访过他并且承认了这种新的科技。但是只有在大众都能够接受没有轮胎/发动机的车的观念下,他们才会大量发展并且生产这种新科技。


  Here inAustraliawe are heavily addicted to the wheel and internal combustion engine especiallythe roaring V8 motor.

  Almost all vehicles come with fancy chrome plated wheelsand big tyres and the Government is committed to building ever larger roads and major motorways to accommodate both private vehicles and giant trucks traveling for many hours between capital cities. Huge tracts of land are cleared of vegetation and levelled then covered in layers of very poisonous asphalt for this purpose costing billions of dollars only to last 10 years under heavy traffic before major repair and resurfacing is needed. We love "living the dream" In this country and until recently this seemed likely to go on undisturbed forever. Mr Keshe has said on more than one occasion that the highest level executives of major transport corporations have quietly visited him and acknowledged the reality of this new technology but will only go into full development and production when the public are ready to accept cars withoutwheels or roaring V8 motors.

  They also must clear huge stocks of vehicles already made and sitting in storage around the world. We must always look for the unmistakable signs of change and in Australia we have just been shocked to learn that both the iconic car makers Ford and GM are closing their factories down shortly.

  Many are asking WHY so suddenly has this decision been made. Well I think we here know why. Clearing the way for the new era of transport about to take birth.



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