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Will you continue to help those who are working to build reactors in their homes?

Yes: of course, to the last breathe in our possession.

You should have never asked this question.

You should have understood the path we have taken by now.

We told the Government’s first, what is to come, and now we are informing the multinational organizations that the technology can and has reached masses, while they were sleep.

With both the governments and multinationals knowing that we are teaching to individuals too, that they cannot control the technology, but making it accessible and affordable for everyone.

This policy of ours has worked with governments in the last year, in them knowing that the spaceship program is not exclusive to nation of Iran alone, and they had to find a face-saving path to talk peace and at the same time, share technology, which they need to think that they are safe as they have it too.

We have seen the fruit of our work in the past 18 Month by giving the knowledge to them all and telling them that Iran has the technology, so you can have it too on equal bases, and now we have seen the face saving peace talks in Geneva this coming week, which Iran is dictating the terms of the peace talk and the rest show face-saving moves with let us to show we are in charge of the game.

Do not forget the fact that we are the nation of chest players with respect we give to our losing opponent that he does lose his face, but accepts the lose with grace, that this way we can play the next game with maturity and more wisdom and pleasure, this is the joy of being born in the land of grace and true power in its essence.

The sharing of the technology and peace treaty has done its work and it is working the same in Tehran, Washington, Vatican as in Jerusalem, Beijing, and Africa.

The old man in Washington whom has cancer cannot make systems for himself, neither anyone of you have time to help him, so now international organizations can and he can benefit from our technology too to save his life and reduce his pain.

The man in Africa needs energy to cook his food, but does not have the knowledge to build himself a system, so his government through those who can will provide the facility for him at the cost of few dollars to buy small reactor, feed, heat, and make energy food from the moisture in the air, to look after his children during the drought, the way we use the system in our health section, that we do not see the Biafra and inequalities of the past again.

Now we have brought the whole of human race to satisfy their egoistic needs, first the controlling governments, second satisfy the hunger of multinationals, and both knowing that there is a limit as people have the knowledge to help themselves, if they want or need too.

This is exactly what you are faced with in space, you have the knowledge to help yourself to create motion, if the systems falls out, using the material you have to create heat and food if you need.


Time and method, which we have chosen of sharing and the way we have down it is so effective that forces equality and world peace.

I have done my work in sharing knowledge, now it is time to allow everyone to enjoy the fruit of mankind’s maturity.

But! our real work has started from now on.

Governments will join us to save their nations and be in peace with each other, as no one will go through and can accept wars.

How can you support fighting across the world, when your own nation is bankrupt, the real reach nations of the world like China have no time as it is their money and not worthless papers in dreamland guarantying to pay soldiers on the frontline and these nations now are refusing to get involved in any aggression game of the others.

We see multinationals have gone to the wall through wrong investments that banks had to be bailed out because of them.

Now at home you can produce as much gold as is in the national reserves of some nations, as you know how to change plasma to matter and now you chose the matter, as you will do in space when you need materials for your food or systems.

Some people said we are finished, in fact we were preparing the party for the unification of human race and now we are back with the force that cannot stop the progress, with reason, with love and care, with knowledge and being able to enforce peace through our knowledge through masses.

In a way, we have reached our goal and we have arrived home for what it took us 40 years to plan and execute, correctly.

Which, the man should have done these all with the calls of the prophets of the past in the past thousands of years.

You were given the choice and you abused it, now we sweetly force you to do it, with biter pill that you all lose everything, if not choosing the path of knowledge and peace.

The kings will lose their Kingdoms and the multinationals their money as people will make everything more readily cheaper as there are no patents for the knowledge of universe, which we have released freely to all. Therefore, they become the true kings of their kingdom in their home, country, and space.
国王们将失去他们的王国,跨国机构们将失去他们的金钱,人民将能更迅速便宜的制造每一样东西,因为宇宙的知识将不会有任何的专利了,我们已经免费向所有人公开了。因此 ,人民成为了他们的王国的真正国王,在他们的家乡、国家和空间中。

His Excellences and their Honorables are common people, when they have ALS and His Majesties die like a poor man when cancer calls, so the human body is flammable and the same is his thoughts and deeds.

Killing and sending scientists on exile, only has one benefit, it gives them the chance to gather thoughts and with the pen of power and knowledge to bring the kings and world leaders to their knees to point of servitude and maturity for the rest of the human race.
杀害和放逐科学家只有一个好处,就是给他们有机会来收集思想,并利用手中的权力与知识之笔让国王与世界的领导人臣服于他们以达到奴役其余的人类并获取他们的成果的目的 。

We do not fight, but by sharing our knowledge we allowed those who did and do have no ground to open a front for war and aggression.

Blessed are those who understand and understood the work of the creator, created and the creation.

M T Keshe

Keshe Foundation



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