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Licensing and patents

Keshe Technologies N.V.(i.o), authorized by The Keshe Foundation, is ready to negotiate with any individual or organisation, for the full development of the different aspects of this new technology. The term of licensing will vary case by case.




The term of licensing will be clear and on the ground, that the Licensee has the full title to exploit and commercialize all aspects developed by him within his field of application. The Licensee transfers his knowledge to the central Keshe Knowledge Center. Here all Licensees will have access to full transparent information and data from other licensing companies. This way essential information is available for rapid achievements in all aspects of this technology.

Naturopathica Certificate of acceptance

The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce that the 'Keshe plasma therapy' has been accepted as a new form of 'bio-energetic therapy' by the board of governors of Naturopathica as of 26/11/11.


Certificate of acceptance of 'Keshe Plasma Therapy'

To whom it may concern,

Naturopathica (registered number = 0.820.205.967) is a Belgian legal recognized association for naturopaths.

Naturopathica negotiated a collective professional liability insurance with 'Mercator Verzekeringen NV', through intervention of insurance broker 'Hermes Verzekeringen NV', Uitbreidingsstraat 184, 2600 Antwerpen. The price for this insurance is included in the membership fee.




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